About us

„Устра – Холдинг“ АД, Седалище на дружеството

„Ustra-Holding“ JSC, Headquarters

Ustra Holding JSC, the town of Kardzhali is a joint – stock company established in 1948. The company has performed construction works on sites located in the region of Kardzhali, the cities of Sofia, Varna, Burgas and the town of Popovo. The company has also been a subcontractor of the German company Hochtief for completed construction projects in Russia.

The company is represented by the Managing Director who organizes and manages the business on a centralized basis. The business activity of the company involves: Construction, design and repairs, investment and management, production and trade, transport and machinery.

All activities are conducted through company subsidiaries:

Ustra Beton Ltd. – produces and trades of concrete, lime and cement mortars, building materials and products. The company provides transport vehicles and construction machinery, lease of movable and real estate property.

Ustra Complect Ltd. – manufactures and trades of concrete, reinforced concrete, and steel products, bar reinforcement and steel billets, elements and complete sets designed by the client.

Ustra Mostremont Ltd. – manufactures and trades of reinforced concrete elements for bridge structures. The company carries out investment projects for residential and industrial construction, infrastructure engineering and development, retaining walls and embankments, hydraulic road and bridge structures.

Ustra Tour Ltd. – Hotel business, Tour activities and Restaurant business. The Company owns a hotel complex named “Ustra”

Professional Training Centre with over 50 majors and 20 different professions.

The company has very rich portfolio which includes investment projects of hundreds of buildings, public service facilities, industrial factories, infrastructure and a lot of activities for development.

Ustra Holding, JSC is specialized in mechanical and explosive demolition of buildings since March 2004

The company owns a lot of certificates

Ustra Holding, JSC, Kardzhali is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. It holds all required licences for the carrying out of the different construction services. The company is registered with the Central Register of Professional Builders and holds the following construction certificates:

  • First category constructions from first to fifth category
  • Second category constructions from second to fourth category
  • Third category second and third category constructions
  • Fourth category constructions from first to third category
  • Fifth category different types of construction and installation works

The company has its own facilities and equipment for transportation, heavy construction equipment – excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, compressors, concrete mixers, hammer drills, hand power tools, rollers, plate compactors, hammers, tongs demolition of concrete structures, rammers, flexes for cutting concrete and asphalt and others. The diverse construction machinery and transport vehicles are maintained in repair workshops within the mechanization and motor transport facility.

The company extracts river gravel and produces dense aggregate (sand, fine gravel, gravel) through a Concession contract for the extraction of natural resources, sand and gravel since 06 January 2006 from the Sushevo deposit, Momchilgrad Municipality, Kardzhali district.

Ustra Holding JSC has its owns Professional Training Centre with over 50 majors and 20 different professions.

Considering the importance of the quality of construction and building products, the Company’s management monitors the strict observance of the laws and all the normative documents regulating the activities and internal rules and instructions of the company, to ensure quality control of the manufactured products, construction works and construction services.

“The concept of the company is optimal and flexible organization of the construction process and high quality of the final product. Qualified staff, excellent material – technical base and the extensive experience gives us confidence that we can tackle the challenges in the construction industry.”

The team of professionals working in the company provides its customers high quality performance and speed. The knowledge of the latest developments in construction technologies and materials is an excellent prerequisite to ensure high efficiency and long life of the projects implemented by the company.