Ustra Komplekt Ltd

Устра Комплект ООД

Concrete pipes

Ustra Complect Ltd. is part of Ustra Holding, JSC, with main activity – manufactures and trades of concrete, reinforced concrete, and steel products, bar reinforcement and steel billets, elements and complete sets designed by the client.

The company has workshops for steel billets and blacksmithing services, equipped with the necessary machinery. On the territory of the company, there are separate sites (both outdoors and indoors) for the production of:

  • paving slabs
  • curbstones for roads and gardens
  • concrete pipes with rimes – machinery from ô200 tp ô800
  • concrete blocks for the mining companies
  • concrete and reinforced concrete pipes with diameters over 1 m.
  • panels according to the client’s request
  • reinforcing piles
  • chimneys for residential construction
  • and all products specified by the client

in accordance to active standards and the legislation. The company uses up-to-date technical equipment. The products and elements manufactured are accompanied by declarations of conformity based on the Production Control System in place.